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Kelley in Garden  | K. Frances Flowers Floral Events Seattle Washington

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For over twenty years, K. Frances has hand crafted bespoke floral arrangements for events across the country. Her designs tailor to timeless individuals seeking exceptional bouquets, unique tablescapes, and unparalleled arbors. Homegrown dahlias, local roses, and sustainably sourced accents will shape the floral displays of your event. Each hand picked stem will leave you in awe for years to come.

A Northwest woman with bold heart.

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Kelley Designing Bespoke Floral Display  | K. Frances Flowers Floral Events Seattle Washington
Kelley  | K. Frances Flowers Floral Events Seattle Washington

A near lifetime Northwesterner, Kelley has invested into the floral and creative community for many years. Her floral displays have been featured amongst those recognized at My Big Fake Wedding in Seattle. She has experience catering to both intimate and extravagant weddings.

Kelley has deep love for her family and treasures her travels to share time with them. She can often be found sipping coffee, pruning dahlias, and going for walks along the many trails of the Pacific Northwest.

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